Most scenic view: Driving into Manhattan from Long Island on I-278 at night, the panoramic view of the entire New York City skyline was breathtaking. I have never seen something man-made look so beautiful.

Moment I didn’t want to end: Standing close to the stage that Explosions In The Sky occupied, watching them pound their guitars and create the most intense, beautiful music my ears have ever heard.

Moment I most felt alone: My last night in Jamaica, sharing a room with mosquitoes and roaches.

Most expensive sleep: More than $80 for one night in Dallas. I stayed in the hotel for less than 10 hours.

Most danceable moment: Standing with Meghan in the foyer of the ice hockey arena in Montréal, listening and dancing to the Arcade Fire playing to tens of thousands of people just one wall away.

Best value meal: Indian curry, in Ecuador of all places. Onion bhaji for starters, followed by a Madras, rice, naan bread and fresh juice, all for $2.50.

Place I could settle down the most: Montréal.

Most depressingly awful place I have visited: Waco, Texas. ‘Downtown’ is nothing more than warehouses and parking lots. I only found one shop on the ‘high street’ that was open, and that had a ‘going out of business’ sale. It took three hours to find a restaurant, but that was closed because of a gas leak. Eventually I found a hilariously patriotic pro-Bush gift shop, and managed to convince one of the staff there to re-open the cafeteria and make me a sandwich. And best thing of all, Waco actually has a tourist information centre.