Maoi in the groundI’ve finally uploaded my Galápagos photos! It only took me two months. It feels like ages ago that I was actually there. You can see the Galápagos photos here, and photos from Easter Island here. I’m back in Quito for a few days before Meghan and I head off to Peru. I have just three weeks left in South America! I can’t believe almost 5 months have gone by already.

I came back from Easter Island last week. My time there was awesome, it felt like a proper holiday. After a couple of days of cycling and hitch-hiking, I met a Swiss guy in my hostel and we rode around on his moped for two days. It was so much fun that on the last day I had to break my budget and hire one myself to whiz around the island on it. They don’t have helmets on Easter Island (it’s South America after all) and these things go over 50mph! It was my first moped experience and at first I didn’t know how to steer, and within two minutes I drove off the road into a bush! Other people drove past and witnessed the event. A few hours later I tipped the bike and myself into a giant muddy puddle. A few people saw me do it too. It should’ve been embarrassing but it was too funny.

Last weekend Meghan and I went to Mindo, a village in the cloudforest a few hours from Quito. We didn’t do much besides sleeping in hammocks, although we did go horse-riding (my first time). I put a few photos from Mindo up here.